Mesh Between Two Curves


Is it possible to make a mesh between two curves?
As in an example (a red strip/large border).

Thank you in advance, if any.Mesh_betweem two cuves.3dm (12.9 MB)

Hello - for a mesh, MeshPatch will do it - it looks like you will need to delete a couple of faces from the result:


Would it make more sense to create surfaces between the curves, make meshes from the surfaces, then delete the surfaces or move them to a Layer so they can be hidden?


Thank you very much.
I could reproduce the same effect with MeshPatch command.

Alas, I cannot find the method to create a surface.
John, could you prompt any appropriate command, please?
I am a Sunday Rhino user. Still learning.

Try following commands: EdgeSrf, Loft, DevLoft, Patch. Choose surface that has few isocurves. Mesh command will make (polygon) mesh from the (NURBS) surface.

Greetings Andrew, I do thank you very much.

I am curious how do you manage to memorise all those thousands of commands.

There is no magic or shortcuts. Just use the software a lot over many years.

I am an idiot savant who understands everything that is too difficult for experts to understand, but I cannot memorize any numbers and I struggle with names. I made a list of all Rhino commands with the help of CommandList command, and I have copied the list to a plain text file. After 9 years of using Rhino I remember only half of its command names. I generally remember that there is a command which performs certain task, but I often do not remember its name. This text file makes it easy to find the name in a few seconds.

Thank you very much for your word of encouragement - 9 years… you say.
Thank you for you piece of advise. Excellent idea.
Well, even the longest way starts with a first step.

Once more many thanks for your helpfulness.