Mesh and Subd selection tools

Thanks Brian
What they mean by organic pipe can be found here

As for Connecticut, I paid it here

And about the weld command, the unweld also has to say that it has a problem and is not executed correctly
And we mean about selection
Selection commands such as:
There are other Selection commands in the clayoo plugin
Please consider all these commands in grasshopper too


Okay, I think this should be it’s own topic entirely. There’s an internal report that is filed that you can use as reference when asking about these developments again…

The plan is to get them working on meshes first as I understand it. FYI @Jussi_Aaltonen

You can now use SelEdgeLoop, SelEdgeRing and also sub-object select with Ctrl+Shift and double click to select an edge loop. This also works on face loops if a face is already sub selected and you double click a connected one.

Yes thank you