Merging surfaces into one - prepare for _squish

I know there is alot subject like this one but i didnt found solid answer on forum.
Im trying to merge those 2 surfaces with max 3 steps. I need 1 surf. so i can _squish it and cut it on cutter machine.
It need to be _squish.
Thanks and regards to all.pytanie.3dm (73.6 KB)


these surfaces cannot be merged into one because they are too different. In order to be mergeable, the edge between both surfaces should have equal length and the surfaces need to be untrimmed…

You might join both surfaces, create a dense mesh using the _Mesh command and then _Squish the mesh. From the resulting squished mesh extract the border curve using _DupBorder. Note that the border curve is a polyline not a smooth curve, you might clean this up manually then send it to your cutter. Does that help ?


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Hi Czort
Here is my proposal for your project:

  • match the surfaces
  • merge the surfaces
  • squish the new merged surface
    Could not figure out how to control the corners between the two so they do not become rounded. Nevertheless the new squished surface is a larger by 0.3% so you have a bit of stock to remove.

pytanie_CCC.3dm (3.0 MB)


Thanks alot! Yes, that helps me.
Its very fast and i cant wait to cut the piece and see if there is something to correct, but i think it will be perfect.

Cheers !



Could You tell me attributes were used when _matching ?
I cant figure out that on my own. Merging surface on your file works great and the a bit of more material can be removed later.
If you can, please tell me step by step how to _match those surfaces.


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Thanks :slight_smile: It works now !

Thanks guys for ur response.