Merge surfaces and holes in surfaces

Hello, I previously had the problem of joining several surfaces and I appreciate the support for the solutions, now in this case I have problems when trying to create the holes in the tips or make the surface created with these openings, sometimes it works for me but in other cases they remain some not completed, at this point I no longer know what to do, I appreciate any support.

The firt code contain all opening that I want to do but fail, and the second one containt a short test only with exterior openings.

On the other hand, if you give me some clue so that at the end of creating these star-shaped plates, I can identify how many are the same and make a list with the name of each one. It is the idea to be able to control manufacturing.

CONSULTA-V2.3dm (3.2 MB)

Sorry if I missed something? This is a little slow…


I didn’t follow the Clash method. And there are certainly other ways…

I looked at this more carefully and found duplicate geometry that caused serious failure. I also reverted to your PGroups method that is faster and works great for matching the outer boundaries with their center holes. As you can see if you connect List Item in the purple group directly to the Boundary component.

The duplicates are in the holes on the tabs, now filtered out by the yellow group.


Hello, thank you very much for the solution and impressive presentation. I already tried it on the complete code and it works perfectly, I don’t think I could have solved it on my own, I still need to learn more.

I appreciate any other solution as I analyze them and learn even more about the different points of view.

You will have some idea of how to analyze all the pieces and find which ones are the same in geometry because the structure is symmetrical and surely some piece must be repeated more than twice. but well that’s another matter, also very grateful for your prompt help.

I plan to use opennest and try to find a tutorial on this last phase.

This wasn’t the complete code and geometry? Why not? What more is there?

Something was done wrong in earlier code, perhaps ill-advised ‘flattens’, to lose the relationship of “which ones are the same in geometry”. That’s really too bad :exclamation:

Useless now because the geometry is in disarray.

No, it’s not “another matter”, it is essential to the problem of “which ones are the same in geometry”.

OpenNest is easy but might not do what you think it does,

Hi thanks, the model has other components that deals with the generation of a wireframe with different properties., I tried to only focus on the parts of the surfaces that were giving me problems in joining. and I just had to connect those curves to the code and it worked just as I needed it.

If I can identify any problem with the results, I will not hesitate to consult to analyze it from the root.

Bad news about OpenNest. It fails miserably with only a few hundred pieces, Here is improved code using the old grid layout (modified).


P.S. I have no idea what this means? Sounds like you are ignoring what I said about “Something was done wrong in earlier code”, perhaps ill-advised ‘flattens’, to lose the relationship of “which ones are the same in geometry".