Merge overlapping surfaces

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to merge all the overlapping surfaces in this pavilion. My goal is to have only single panels to then laser-cut them.
My first attempt was Region Union, but there are surfaces that don’t overlap, so the command doesn’t work (moreover, I also think that it only works with a single pair of surfaces at time). So I tried to select only the overlapping surfaces, but I’m struggling to do that. (13.9 KB)
Hive2020.rar (2.7 MB)

Hi, welcome to this forum!

This is one but way to solve this problem. (18.5 KB)

I’ve internalized your starting geometries (just 2 curves).
Next time you can do that too, so you won’t need to bring around a big .3dm file, but just internalize the geometries needed for the .gh script to work! :grinning:

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You’re right next time I’ll internalize the geometries, I thought it was better to upload 2 files :sweat_smile:

Thank you for this solution, I also tried with Cull Duplicates but I didn’t think about projecting the points on a plane and then culling the duplicates! I tried to do a similar thing directly on the surfaces with no results.
A simple and smart solution!