Merge layers?

Any way to make this work?

see, in this case I want to merge Roof and its sublayers into the Removable Piece > Roof

One way to do this:

  1. Select the objects from multiple selected layers in table - sub-layers of Roof
  2. Place selected objects in the roof layer by clicking that layer in the list accessed from the status bar
  3. Back to the layer list and delete the sub-layers while they are still selected.

nice and quick, but maybe other ways to do.

Attached is a script which will merge all levels of sublayers back up into the top level for the chosen parent layers and delete the empty sublayers. Multiple top level parent layers can be chosen, all objects including hidden and locked objects will be transferred.

Blocks will be unreliable as usual, given that a block definition resides on one layer, but the original objects can reside on others… So the empty sublayers may not get deleted, as you cannot delete layers on which block definitions reside even if empty of other objects.


FlattenLayers.rvb(1.5 KB)


thanks mitch

Very usefull! Thank you mitch!