Rhino memory leak problem

Hi. I am running the latest version of Rhino on Mac OS Catalina 10.15.1

I have an outline and a plane. Did a command to split the plane in two pieces using the outline.

Message : Your System has run out of application memory.

Only Rhino running, no other applications.

Rhino ( not responding) using 63.81 GB
Finder 11 MB

Someone told me that it seems like Rhino has a “ memory leak”

How can I fix this?


does it happen with all files or just this one? How much ram does your machine have?

please run the systeminfo command in rhino and post the result-

Hi , thanks for the reply
I have 16 G ram.
It happened with this file.
The original file was a DWG with problems.
I am trying to re-create the file for laser cutting.
I need to make it a solid so I can make a rendering so I have an image to auto trace in another program.

I wish there was an easier way ( like live paint in Adobe illustrator)
But Rhino is al I have.
( My illustrator stopped working since Catalina came) :confused:

Hehe for you Illustrator Problem (not for your RAM problem)
Try Affinity Designer - a nice illustration tool together with Rhino.
I also killed my CS6 with catalina and thanks to affinity I am happy with this.

My Rhino does not have a command “Systeminfo”

Unknown Command: Systeminfo

Closest is “SquishInfo”

Can’t be that.

Thanks Hugo, will try that.

The end of it was I left Rhino to do it’s thing. Hours later It seems that Rhino quit or crashed and closed the file without saving any results of what I tried.
Back to a line drawing- no surface was saved.

I think Rhino crashed- but without giving me a notification that it crashed.