Memory issue in Rhino 7

I have a real issue in Rhino 7 as it’s out of memory during a small grasshopper definition - I never faced this problem in Rhino 6 before

I have 16Gb of ram
for (1.2 MB)

Ok, umm we need some sort of information about… well anything to even begin to help.

I edited the post

With just the 3dm file no-one will be able to know what you were trying to do in Grasshopper.

The 3dm file opens just fine, and renders just fine in Raytraced.

I have uploaded the definition also

it happens each time i try to connecr this wire

You are working with some fairly dense meshes here (subdividing a 1,447,830 face mesh into a 88,669,872 face mesh):

I am on a Mac and with this file open it reports Rhino is using 20.51 GB of memory. Might just exceed the resources available on your computer.