Memory leak/crash in grasshopper

Using latest version of Mac Rhino 6 (6.17, 2019-08-24), in a new file (completely empty) with a very simple grasshopper script running, I get a “System out of Memory” message from OSX that shows Rhino using 25GB+ after about 10 mins. Possibly related to the dot display component? There are about 30k points from an external source internalized into “block-centers” as shown in the screenshot.

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Hi Carsten-

Can you please attach the definition? It would help not having to do any guess-work to reproduce this.

Hi Carsten, Dan,

I was able to reproduce the problem Carsten encountered. It seems to me that the problem is in the Dot Display component. I could use Cloud Display, but the problem remained.

The situation is as follows: I also want to view the image in RGB. I wanted to use Dot Display because it seemed to be the fastest. However, using this component at 22k points completely freezes Grasshopper.
Cloud Display (or even drawing circles and coloring them in Custom Preview) is not a problem. However, as soon as I turn on Dot Problem, RAM memory goes up (from about 500MB) until it does not use all possible memory (eg 12GB out of 16 available) and after a moment the message “Rhino out of memory” pops up.

What’s more - when I turn on the Dot Display component and turn it off after a while, the RAM memory still remains at 4-8 GB of consumption.
I used Cloud Display, but I don’t understand why there is such a problem with Dot Display. Is this a program error, a computer error or is Dot Display such a heavy component?

I attach a file that I checked on 2 computers and the same situation was there. (9.3 KB)

If necessary, my computer:
Nvidia GeForce 1060
Windows 64bit
Rhino 6

I will be grateful for the information

I also recall coming across this issue a couple of times. I suspect the Custom Preview component to be the root of the problem too.

@BrianJ Can you please help to attempt to reproduce this one?

Hi Filip,

Thanks for the GH file and apologies on the delayed reply. See if you can get it working for you in the Rhino 7 WIP. This is working better than what you reported for me here in the v7 WIP but I’m still filing a bug to see if the dot display can be improved to not use so much memory. The result below with two million points took a minute but also 20GB of RAM.

I’ve filed

Ya I had a similar experience with that component… nearly crashed my system without even that many dots… must be some bug