Memory allocation failed

Hi all, I’m getting the error memory allocation failed , rhino will close. when I open the emergency save, I get the same message and cannot open the file.

disabled Grasshopper Gold.

file opened. Problem is- I need GG!
restarted everything, re-enabled GG.

opened a new (no model) Rhino7 file, and opened my file through Open. This seems to work- but why?

thanks for any insight!

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Hi Rona -

You might want to contact Stuller about this issue - Contact Us.

why Stuller? I did not buy this from Stuller, but downloaded it from Rhino’s website.

You downloaded it from a site that hosts 3rd party plugins, you contact the people who actually make the plugin.

Hi @rona et al
Stuller has nothing to do with Grasshopper Gold. Maybe @TaraSkydon will chime in?
HTH, Jakob


Thanks, Jakob. I was reading too fast here…

Sorry, I do not know this error. I think it has nothing to do with GG, he is not responsible for opening the file. GG is just a set of Grasshopper algorithms. :sunglasses:

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