Mechanical design question - Rhino to Solidworks

I’m looking for a mechanical design solution for Rhino: I’m wanting to create mechanical assemblies in Rhino with constraints and relationships and then be able to import those assemblies into Solidworks keeping those relationships and constraints.

Is this possible?

The solution would hopefully have some sort of collision detection, so that the movement of objects would be restricted by their physical volumes. ie, objects would not be able to penetrate each other.

Any input will be greatly appreciated.


There’s no constraints or relationships in Rhino. Models can be imported into SW but I am not sure if constraints and relationships can then be applied to the geometry…it would be useful if it could.

Hi Andrew, this is actually kind of backwards. I use both SWX and Rhino on a daily basis. SWX is great for mechanical design but not so good at surfacing. If figure out the mechanical portion of my designs with “simple” parametric geometry and than bring that in to Rhino.

Once in Rhino you have all the hard points defined and you can do the surfacing portion in Rhino.

If you do a mechanical design in Rhino you can mate to the geometry in SWX, but it would be a pretty tedious excersice sine you need to save out all the parts individually and after that bring them into a SWX assembly.


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Thanks Mark, your response is very helpful.