Measurements in iOS app

The iOS app has a neat ruler. However, it is unclear which units are used for the ruler. It doesn’t fit centimeters nor inches. So how can we measure reliably in the app?
We design and produce marine canvas. We have iPads in our workshop for the convenience of our workers. They need to check measurements in Rhino files now and again on their iPads. How do we go about it? We used a third party app previously. But the official Rhino app is much better, if only we could figure out the ruler.

hi @Igor1
The ruler is the ruler from ios, which you will find also in the notes app, this has no reference whatsoever with the iRhino (object) dimensions. It’s only there to provide you a way to draw straight lines in your annotations.

Thanks for clarifying. But does this mean that there’s no way to measure anything in the app?

If you select an object, and press the upper right (i) info button, you’ll get the bounding box size of the selected. If you need anything else then I can log it for our dev.

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