May I ask how to find the Angle of a Block in Python?

May I ask how to find the Angle of a Block in Python?

If I already inserted a Block, how can I select the Block [4096] and find out its angle.



If you know how to convert it to angle, you can get the transformation matrix of the inserted block with this rhinoscriptsyntax function :

| BlockInstanceXform(object_id) | Returns the location of a block instance relative to the world coordinate
| system origin (0,0,0). The position is returned as a 4x4 transformation
| matrix
| Parameters:
| object_id = The identifier of an existing block insertion object

I can’t give you more explanation cause I studied this too long ago. But it might be possible to extract the angle from this matrix. You make a quick search on Google …

Hi Andres,
you can get the transformation of the block and use it to PointTransform the coordinates which give you the angle you are interested in.

HTH, Jess


Thanks so much, I will try to figure out the angle today…



Thanks a lot!!!


You’re welcome.
Please note that one transformed axis does not cover all possible rotations of a block transformation.
There is a rvb script from Dale to decompose a transformation matrix. Should not be too hard to convert to Python:

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