Maxwell & ViewCapture


I’m trying to overlay linework from a viewcapture onto a rendering from Maxwell, but the two won’t align. The viewcapture is actually cropped. I set my viewport setting to the same resolution as the rendering and restored the view, still didn’t work. It’s a two point perspective.

Any suggestions would be welcome – thanks!

I just tested this with Maxwell Fire (but not an actual render due to a license issue) and I can reproduce the problem if I’m adjusting the view with two point perspective active. If I switch it back to perspective and then refresh fire, the views match up again. Switch to two point perspective after that and it will still match… just don’t continue to adjust the view. I saved out a technical mode with transparent background and it matched the render for an overlay.

It looks like this might be a bug in how Maxwell updates two point perspective so you may want to mention it on a Maxwell forum too if it gets in your way a lot. HTH

Hi Brian,

Thank you for looking into it. I suspected it had something to do with two point perspective, but I don’t quite understand what you mean. To preface, this happens every time, not when I’m adjusting. I have it saved as a “Named View”.

When the view open it in Maxwell Fire in Two Point Perspective and then switch to Perspective, the perspective changes. In particular, it shifts in the Z, which is why I was using two point?

Any clarification would be appreciated, thanks.

I don’t think the camera in Maxwell can match the two point perspective in the Rhino viewport exactly in terms of scale. I’m not sure why but @jdhill may know. What I see here matches up but is scaled smaller then the Rhino display of the surface edges. So it matches up but the line work image needs to be scaled as a post process in the overlay. If you are using a named view, I think you’ll have to switch back to a perspective display, refresh fire and then switch back to two point perspective before saving over the named view again. It clearly doesn’t work well but thought I’d mention the work around. I’m not finding anything on the Maxwell forum so you may want to make a new post there too.

Thank you for your time all the same, and the work around, I’ll follow up with Maxwell!

Unfortunately, Maxwell doesn’t have a lens that matches the Rhino two-point perspective, so it is simply not supported. The type supported by Maxwell is in the style of a physical tilt/shift lens, the effect of which may be viewed in FIRE, and previewed in the opengl viewport by enabling the camera HUD (Maxwell’s effective filmback will be overlaid on the viewport). The lens shift values (x/y, in percent) are controlled using Scene Manager > Camera > Film Back > Shift.

I’ll check it out. It’s not my typical workflow, so I can probably find something that works between the two suggestions. Thanks!