Matte Black Car Paint Material

I’m trying to create a realistic Matte Black Paint car material and getting nowhere. I’m using the brazil physical sky environment and I tried starting with a car paint shader material.

Can anyone help me out?


Do you have an image of something you’re trying to replicate? Is there something on the web that is similar?

My guess is that you only need a Brazil Advanced Material with a very dark diffuse color (nearly black) - and then a low reflection value, with a glossiness of about 60%.

  • Andy
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He’s going after matte black, no varnish coat, like this:

Don’t know Brazil, but a car paint finish does not seems the right starting point to me.

Yes that is the type of material I’m after.
I will try using a Brazil Advance Material as you suggested.


If you are not aware of the Brazil forum go register at it and then go to this link Brian James has uploaded quite a few materials that are well worth downloading and putting in your materials file. I have more than a few of his paint materials that would just take a bit of tweeking to get the results you are after.

All my best … Danny

I just tried something similar to my suggestion on a real model and it works fine. I actually used “Porcelein”

Body.rmtl (18.3 KB)

Thanks for the help and thanks Andy for the material. I have completed my renderings.
I cant post the image because it was done for a client.
below are the links to their website to show other renderings I have done, if you are interested.

Thanks again for everyone’s help.


@andy here’s a Brazil advanced environment with a higher res backplate of the Seattle library pano. SeattleLibrary.renv (7.6 MB)

The advanced environment doesn’t work in Neon or the Rendered display mode but Brazil will render it like this…

Thanks for the environment. Its always useful gathering these files.