Materials Render object

I designed the original standard illumination object in 2006 (initially for Maxwell). The idea has been loosely copied ever since by various communities over the years.

There is no reason Rhino can’t have the original. (and I have been with Rhino longer)

There is a download for it here without the Maxwell logo on it (if anyone at McNeel wants it) → Here


@andy - I guess this must be for you…


@ThomasAn_ thanks, I’m looking into this. A great object!

Originally it came with a tech sheet, but a lot of it refers to Maxwell specific instructions.
Also the tech sheet refers to a version 1.1 where the core sphere had emitter elements, but they were rarely used. This is the simple tried and true incarnation of this object (originally nicknamed SIMball-Standard Illumination of Materials Ball)
INSTRUCTIONS-StndMatScene.pdf (1.5 MB)

Found a texture mapping issue on the base (Rhino file) and corrected it.
(Maxwell users were using MXS files so they were not affected)
StandardIlluminationBall - (cleaned).3dm (1.0 MB)

Without looking I think I had seen the mapping issue already. This is what I currently am getting

I’m going to try to get the polygon count down still, currently down to 32k triangles.

edit: Thanks for the tech sheet, it’ll be useful in further calibrating the material scene.

Try the last file I linked. It’s the simple version and cleaner, with corrected mapping.