How do I create nice renderings with RhinoOSX?

I use RhinoOSX and am doing designs including illustrations of furniture - This site is a rough draft. I am finding it difficult to do colored renderings, and can find no instructions or tutorials on how to do this efficiently. It appears the examples on the RhinoOSX site were not done with RhinoOSX, but with the Windows version. When using Rhino Render or Toucan Render I spend hours trying to set lights in various places and get muddy results. My furniture is mostly wood with metal accents, so creating wood-like surfaces would be nice. I don’t necessarily want photo-real illustrations, just good, clear colored illustrations.Photo-real would be nice, but not necessary at this time. Would anyone be willing to share how you create clear, color illustrations? Walter

Here Marlin explains materials and how to use it.


Thanks, but applying materials to objects is not too difficult. Lighting seems to be the issue. It would be great if there were lighting presets for various situations. For instance, lighting a piece of furniture or small object. I spend too much time trying to move the lights around and rarely end up with an image that looks decent. Are there any instructions for setting the lights?

Hmm, this needs to be transferred to the Rhino Wiki or something… @marlin Shouldn’t we have a MacRhino section in the McNeel Wiki?


Edit: Never mind, it’s already there…

What I didn’t find was just the way to get to the Mac section from the main page, so maybe that needs to be added… I can do that, guess…

Start bugging @JDk3d and have him porting his awesome Maxwell Render plugin for OSX.

probably not possible yet as there’s no sdk available to 3rd parties yet…
unless he can do it in python (which is probably possible anyway? all the sketchup render plugins are done in ruby and they’re usually pretty good)

There is now a Mac Rhino section in the McNeel wiki and you can find the home page for it here:

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Brilliant, thanks Marlin!