Materials issues (or maybe rendered viewport issues)

Some materials issues to note:

  1. I create a custom material, and add an image that I want to use as a label by selecting Textures->Color and selecting an image with a transparent background. In the texture options, Use Alpha Channel is selected so I expect the image to have a clear background. Instead, the clear part of the image is clear but it also makes the part transparent wherever the transparent part of the image covers it. When I render the view, the entire part is transparent (only the non-transparent pixels show up - my video doesn’t show this.) I’d expect the part to be non-transparent in both cases, and just the image background to be clear.
  2. If I convert this same part to plastic and then back to custom, and then apply my image again, the part shows up black.

I know there’s work being done on materials and stuff, just reporting what I see in case it’s useful…
Rhino 7 SR3 2021-1-12


Changing from Custom to Plastic disables Alpha Transparency since Plastic does not support that. Going back to Custom from Plastic retains the setting from Plastic, since Custom can simulate Plastic: Alpha Transparency is still disabled. Just check the box for Alpha Transparency down in Advanced Settings for Custom material.

Where you have transparency before switching to Plastic is not a bug. Having no transparency when switching back to Custom is not a bug.

It is a bug however that the white base color of your Custom material no longer shows. Raytraced does this correctly. The bug I logged as RH-62424 Transparency from texture doesn’t show base color correctly in Rendered mode.

Hi Nathan,
Actually, when I do the switch back to custom after selecting plastic, the checkbox by ‘use alpha channel’ stays checked, so I do think there’s a bug there. Maybe.

In the texture yes, but not in the material.

Oh I see - thanks!

RH-62424 is fixed in the latest Rhino 7.7 Service Release

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