Materials for rendering

Hello everyone,

So I am trying to learn some rendering with rhino 7. Now I want to load materials into the rhino 7 template. I can do so by Create New Material > Import from Material Library. The problem is that I need to import every material independently because they are seperated in different maps. Is there a way to import all the materials at once? And if so, is this recommended? Thanks in advance!

Greetings Nick


I am not 100% sure of it, but once I get to my computer I can test it, if you have all the maps named in the right way you can import the zip file and it will go straight into the right slots.

You can import multiple materials from the material library. Hold the Ctrl key when the file browser window is open to pick more than one. I wouldn’t add more than what you need to use to the document though as that will just increase the file size when you embed the texture maps in the 3dm when saving.

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Hi Brian, is there a way that you can import multiple material folders at once?

I don’t think so no, you’d need to open a folder and select all the rmtl files in it. Then repeat for the next folder. If you know you always want the same materials in any file you could do this and then save a file template to start new documents with that. Of course this will create larger files with any embedded material textures.

You could write a script that asks to select the top folder and then it could recurse into all subfolders and import each and every RMTL file found, of course.