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Hi all,

As i’m working alot on projects that contain multiple .3dm files id like to know if there are possibilities to set up one, shared, material library. With as goal to be able to define materials for items out of the library. This way, I can use one library for all models and changing one material directly applies to all models.

Please let me know if you can help me out.

You can save your Materials to .mtl files in any folder, I’d suggest setting up a central Library folder and save the files using the method in the screenshot below:

First of all, thanks for your respond and taking time to read!

I tried that aswell. But for as far as I tried, I had to import them into my file when wanting to use them. Which means that if I change a the material, it only changes in that particular file. The goal I’m looking for is that if I change the material in the library, it changes the material in all files in which I use them. That way, I could set up a library for my project in which I manage my materials that apply to all .3dm files.

Thank you for Clarification, the only way I think you can do it is to setup a reference 3DM with a bunch of low-poly geometry and assign your materials to them, then you can inset the file as a block reference and then you can use the linked materials in your host files.

Still, this won’t automatically update whenever you edit the reference file.

so, I don’t think there is a functionality in Rhino to carry this workflow unless @nathanletwory has a different idea.

Thanks for your reaction, I guess then some proper material management in all files will still be the easiest. copy, pasting and replacing is luckily quite easy in rhino.

thanks for your effort, two always know more than one right? :stuck_out_tongue:

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