Materials and structures in architecture

Hi guys,

I’m entering a architectural competition (high-end residential) and I’m in a creative block. Can anybody help me with the following.

  1. Are there inspiring building materials you know of?
  2. Do you know any inspiring structure types,any building type?
  3. What are some interesting concepts in architecture right now?

Non conventional structures?

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Hi @felipegutierrezduque

Maybe, but not necessarily, it can be as simple as traditional Balinese architecture, or a tower made in grashopper. What is inspiring to you, personally?

Well I am more into the flashy new kind of baroquey algorithmic stuff like this, but if I was going to build myself a house I would go the minimalistic way.

That is amazing @felipegutierrezduque if you find the time, can you tell me more about what you find inspiring about it?

The people that want the houses have seen it all and want something new, can minimalistic be new?

I guess it has to do with entropy of reality, being able to replicate complex phenomena and understanding that all the complexity really derives from simple rules is mesmerizing. If you add technology and you find yourself able to create such complexity, it becomes more of a I can do it kind of thing, sort of playing god. Maybe in the future the pendulum would go back again to simplicity like it has in the past for example from the baroque epoque and such objects become a relique like Notre Dame or the likes.

I don’t know if you think in terms of permutations, you can create out of something as simple as the rules for creating the Mies Barcelona pavilion (the lines, materials, dimensions, etc…) millions of “new” designs. For me it has to do with the space in question (a place of being relaxed), if I was going for a cementery something more brutalistic and with more light play would come to my mind.

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Hi Yousef

Use (grasshopper) optimizations to create a low-rise with as much light as possible.

In other words:
Dig a huge and or deep hole in the ground (as opposed to a high-rise) and fill it with appartments all getting equal (indirect) sunlight by optimizing their layout and orientation.

Use (naturally) highly reflective materials to direct the light into the hole all year round.

Structure it so that natural airflows refresh the hole.

Do smart stuff with rain and waste water flows.

My saturday night thoughts.

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