Material thumbnails in custom material library

When I save a material (via right click in the editor panel) into a folder I’ve added as a custom library the library doesn’t show thumbnails for the materials. I just get the spooging paint tube icon.

Is there some other way you are supposed to do this so you can see the thumbnails of custom materials added to library?

Hi Ryan - that seems to work here - is the view in the custom library set the same as in the default (large icons etc,)?


Yeah it is.

In the windows file explorer, the default ‘render content’ materials all have thumbnails also, but not when I save a home made one.

Just to be sure - the problem is with custom added Library panel folders, or custom rmtl files?


Appears to be custom rmtl files. Doesn’t matter where I save them… Icons aren’t being generated.

I didn’t realize the rhino library was just showing standard windows icons yet this am.