Material preview problem


I don’t understand what is happening here… In case somebody has an idea…

This is happening inside Rhino6 (“Rhino Render” mode) and inside Rhino7 (“Legacy Rhino Render” mode).
Rhino 7 in “Rhino Render” mode works OK.

The plugin has its own material → converted for Rhino via override void SimulateMaterial(…)

The viewport shows the material correctly but the mat preview doesn’t show the texture only the diffuse color.

I can not understand why it doesn’t show the texture.

It is interesting that when I rotate the material preview (via mouse), during the rotation it shows the texture

when I release the mouse it is again the grey sphere.



Difficult to know - could we somehow get this repeated on a build here?

_ Andy

Hello Andy,

I can simplify the code for my material to this:
(This code is for V6)

public override void SimulateMaterial(ref Material simulation, bool isForDataOnly)

And with this code I don’t see the texture inside the preview (only while rotating it)