Material library icons broken - help needed

Hello from Finland! Im really a newbie when it comes to rhino and especially this forum so I really hope I’m doing this posting thing right. Also the problem I have is kind of stupid so this is really going well. :smiley:

Ive accidentally broken my material library icon previews! What should I do to see the previews again? Thank you a lot!

Here’s a picture to clarify the problem.

Good question. I have the same problem, and I’m from Sweden (although my mother is from Finland :slight_smile: )

// Rolf

Try TestRestoreLibraryFileAssociations at the Rhino command line. It won’t auto-complete.

The reason it happens is because you chose “Always open this file type with this application”…even if you choose “Rhino”, it will still break it…and unfortunately, this is something that Windows 10 just does.

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Thank you so much, that actually did help! I’m not the biggest fan of Win10 and now I have another reason why. But now I’m able to use rhino again without losing my nerves thanks to you. Have a great day!