MatchMeshEdge for V8


I think MatchMesheEdge is a fantastic tool for file repair - it saves me constantly when using displaced areas on a polysurface - so I displace small surface patch areas first, extract the render mesh, and match up the reamining part which I also mesh separately.

Some areas I think it could be improved upon:

  • Choosing which mesh is changed geometrically, and which remains static (as you would when matching surfaces - maybe done through selection order, choose mesh/es to match from : choose mesh/es to match to). And, like match commands, an average option perhaps too.
  • Combine with the soft transform capabilities of V7 (@Jussi_Aaltonen, what do you think?) so that, rather than the naked edge only being transformed, that some of the neighbouring geometry is smoothly transformed and matched. If you have adjacent NURBS surfaces, one of which is displaced all the way to the edge, running MatchMeshEdge will create ugly geometry (it’s understandable that this is the outcome, but seems like it could be hooked up and improved!)
  • A JoinMesh=Yes/No option in the command line, akin to fill mesh hole commands. ‘No’ could be the sticky option