Matching extrusions with dispatch

Hello everyone,

I have both geometries doing the same contour, after that I dispatched this line list in two based on a pattern. Since those geometries dont start at the same place i need to shift list so the dispatch list can matchup between these two geometries. The thing is, I can run the sift till it wrap and it wont be 100% matched and I cannot figure out why.

Anyone can help? Thanks.

match (142.2 KB)

I guess in this case, it would be easier to sort them on YAxis like this: (162.3 KB)


The thing is that I need to have a match on the extrusion part of the code, because i need to group the extrusions that have the same mesure so they can have the same material… even tho, I tried to reproduce the last part of the code but couldnt achieve this mathcing between the “sheets” of the same weight.