Matching components

I have a problem trying to cut the red segments between the circles
could someone tell me how to do it?

and here is the file i use
matching component.3dm (26.7 KB)
matching (5.8 KB)

Best upload your file, otherwise we have to recreate it before trying solutions.
See: How to ask effective questions

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matching component.3dm (26.7 KB)
matching (5.8 KB)

here is the file ,thank you for answering

Is this what you want?

matching (13.1 KB)

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Wow! that’s alot of work
thank you so much
but no, that wasn’t the result i needed

it’s kind of elementry but the tutorials i am watching is an old version, with different set of components

If you need only those parts of the segments that are inside the circles, then @HS_Kim’s solution does do that. If that’s not what you’re after, then you’ll have to elaborate a bit further.

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that’s exactly what i’ll do, thank you
and i got @HS_Kim Solution now, he literaly cut them

Seems like you want to generate parametric tree plan view for landscape drawing…

matching (13.9 KB)

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you’re right, i’m doing a landscape
thank you so much for your sincere help