Match Surf Challenges


I am running into a challenge when building blend surfaces, using the Matchsrf tool. When I match surf an edge with G2, another edge on the same surface tends to break continuity. As a result when I am blending complex surfaces I am often chasing edges around in circles attempting to get them to match on all 4 sides. The primary solution I have tried to correct this is to up the CV layout (rebuild/change degree) to attempt to get as much control over the difficult surface, sometimes going all the way up to 11 CV’s, but this does not always work to maintain G2 on all 4 edges. Is there a way to trouble shoot this type of problem? Is it related to incorrect isocurve or CV layouts before attempting to match?

Any advice on better modeling practice to not keep running into this problem is greatly appreciated!

Blend Surfaces.3dm (632.8 KB)

Hi Justin - your base surfaces are maybe not as cleanly as they could be -

Making those have a single curvature, so to speak, without the S-shape or reversal should make the rest easier, I would say… I’ll have a play with it…

@Justin_ID - see if this does you any good - check the point arrangements - a liitle cleaner, more orgnaized than yours. There is still more fiddling one could do but this might be a start.

Blend Surfaces_PG.3dm (208.6 KB)


Hey @pascal,

I thought it might be due to CV flow prior to matching. I’ve noticed that sometimes when I match surfaces it causes the CVs to become really disorganized, but the zebra stripes still look smooth despite the messy CV flow.

Thank you @pascal, I’ll play around with the file and see how it goes.