Match Properties - Right Click for Tickboxes

Does this work correctly for others? Unlike in Osnaps where right clicking one box isolates that one, then right clicking that one inverts the selection, the MatchProperties window doesn’t seem to work consistently in the same way.

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Yep, that is true, I’ll see if that can be tuned up. There should be a ‘Select all’ as well I suppose.



thanks pascal.

Reason I noticed was I tried copying displacement properties over - I noticed also that the values (e.g. white point/black point/etc don’t appear to match over. Not even the texture assigned changes. Needless to say, what does get matched with that property? :thinking:

That seems a more pertinent problem. tested on a basic plane surface. match-displacement-properties.3dm (194.7 KB)

Hi Jonathan - I see that- if the target already has displacement, the match does nothing. It seems to do the right thing if the target object has no displacement going in - is that what you see?


Hi pascal - yeah what you’ve said there is exactly what I am seeing. Just tested on curve piping in a similar case to that shown - the already piped curve doesn’t match to have the same piping properties as the source, for example radius.

Re: select all, I wouldn’t mind. For Osnaps, I’d right click to isolate to one, right click that one to invert, and click the one that gets left over. Depending on how I’ve last assigned the matchProperties. Probably best that it does get left as whatever was last used, in the case of very ‘select’ selections. Maybe in that case people would macro it.

I’m guessing there’s a good reason for the, sorta, ‘subset list’ on object properties from curve piping to thickening when using right click for tickboxes at the moment.


Another menu that doesn’t honour the right click shortcut. Probably better to just have templates with each dim style currently as that’s nearly quicker than deselecting several!

Hi Jonathan - that works here in our latest.


On the WIP or 6.19

Apologies … I can’t access that until I have an admin round to install the latest build/s.

RH-53853 is fixed in the latest Rhino 7 Service Release Candidate

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