MatchProperties - partially working?

i’m not exactly sure what _MatchProperties is supposed to do regarding ☐Material but i can’t get it to do anything.

MatchProperties will do other things such as match object’s layers.


(@mitch… maybe you can try it out on mac to see what you think)

Yep, looks like this is not working. Maybe related to the material stuff not being completely hooked up yet…

Edit: @marlin This might just be some buggy code…

Lets say you have two objects, one with a material applied, the second not, both on the same layer. If you select the second object, hit MatchProp, check only “Material”, then click on the first object to match, nothing happens - the reporting line actually says “Nothing modified” as well…

Now, move the second object to a different layer. Repeat the process as above. Still nothing happens.

Now, repeat the process, but check BOTH “Material” and “Layer” in the dialog… Bingo! The second object now gets the material matched… :smile:


Never really played, used or understood the Match thingy in Properties. SO …

I duplicated an object then Matched the properties to another object and it seemed to work here.

I haven’t just checked one though. Maybe I will have to apply a material through Toucan and try Mitch’s method of only using that.

Just Material doesn’t work though, when using toucan materials.