Match hatch - make it fast and easy :)

Please add an option for “Match Properties”: Hatch

I know this can be done from the hatch panel, but we need speed and convenience :slight_smile:


Hello - please try this macro -

! _-Properties _Pause _Hatch _Match _Pause _EnterEnd

It can be assigned to a button, alias, or keyboard shortcut - Does that do what you need?


Thanks Pascal,

It does work on it’s own.
However if it was part of the Match Properties I could do several matches in one go.
I.e. layer, display color etc.

The following will match everything - hatch pattern, scale, rotation as well as hatch object layer, display color, etc. Select the hatches to change and then the one you want to match. (913 Bytes)


Hei Morten -

we have this one on the list as RH-27591.


Very nice, exactly what i#m searching for, thanks.

one thing i don’t understand, how can i continue with commands after _EnterEnd?
for example _SelLast _PointsOn ?

Hello - it looks like the matched objects do not register in SelLast - is that what you wanted? I’d say you need to start scripting this once there is a certain level of control that you need. What is the goal, ultimately, for your macro?


Thanks again for your answer.
i tried to make some shortcuts.

one for drawing hatches and matching the properties:
!_Polyline _Multipause _SelLast -_Hatch Begrenzung=Nein _EnterEnd _Delete _SelLast -_MatchProperties _Pause _Pause _Enter _SelLast _-Properties _Pause _Hatch _Match _Pause _EnterEnd

and the other one to insert a controlpoint to an existing hatch:
_Select _Pause _SetLayerToObject _DupBorder _SelPrev _Delete _SelLast _InsertControlPoint _Multipause -_Hatch Begrenzung=Nein _EnterEnd _Delete _SelLast _-Properties _Pause _Hatch _Match _Pause _EnterEnd

and in the last example i would like to end with: _SelLast _PointsOn.

Yes thats the best idea, i’m working on learning scripting now.


Thank you :slight_smile: