MatCap + Bobi X8 = High quality Viewport

  • You can find tons of MatCap on the internet.
  • Create custom material in Rhino, Assign the MatCap only to the Environment.
  • Use Custom Preview to choose the Rhino materials in GH. No need to bake.
  • Use Bobi viewport mode to improve the real-time viewport quality.
  • Split GH canvas using the pOd plugin.

The FPS is high.


Find Bobi V8 here:
Share your custom viewport modes here - Rhino / Rhino for Windows - McNeel Forum


Your example looks great! Can you share the environment map that you used on the pot?

P.S.: Do you mean Bobi X8.ini?

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Yes, it is Bobi X8.ini.

This is the png file.

I download it from GitHub.
GitHub - nidorx/matcaps: Huge library of matcap PNG textures organized by color

This is the way to add it to the material.

Learned this trick from a Taiwanese teacher.


Do you remember what’s the original file name of this particular image? I can’t find its high resolution version in the link you provided above.

Here. 00034.png (4.3 MB)


Thank you! Looks like this particular image does not have a 1024x1024 pixels version. Last night I only checked the high resolution images from your link.

I knew this trick for a while but never really understand why it works this well. I mean adding material to the environment, not color. Now you mentioned it, and I see the width is only 256 pixels, I got more curious about the principle of this. I mean 256X256 material can do nothing in modern 3D workflow, but here seems work really well… why?

High resolution images allow a smoother gradient between the colours. For example, a 256x256 pixels big environment map will limit the gradient steps to no more than 256 colours, eventually leading to colour banding.