Masks in nxt Image Editor

My renderings saved with alpha channel come out with some dark lines around the edges. I found the following in documentation.

Distance and Materials channels are not anti-aliased and may show some hard-edged artifacts. Adding a small amount of Gaussian blur to a mask before using it may help soften these edges.

I was able to export the material and distance masks from Image Editor and use Gaussian blur in another program. Is there a way to re-import these blurred masks back into nxt Image Editor so they replace the original masks? Or can this only be done in Photoshop, etc.?

Thanks, Greg

Hi Greg,

No, you’re correct, it isn’t possible to import an altered mask channel to the nXt image editor. You’ll need to use a 2D program for that part as you suspected.

OK, I’ll stop trying to re-import the modified masks!

How do you open an nXtimage file in Photoshop or other 2D software? I forwarded the nXtimage file to my Photoshop guy, but he said he was unable to open it in Photoshop.

Thanks, Greg

You can’t since it’s a format only read by the nXt editor, instead use the File menu in the nXt image editor when your render is open. You can save the mask out as a png from here as well as the tonemapped image of the rendering (I’d also suggest PNG for being lossless here) which can then be post processed on individual layers once in PS.