Martyr's Monument in Iraq

Rhino With Grasshopper Algorithm



Beautifoul !
Thanks for sharing your work
Cheers from sunny Marseille, France

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Thank’s so much for your comment and i appreciated :wink:

I had good time there in 2001 attending the presidential architecture exhibition below this monument.
Good job

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Nicely done @ParaStorm.LAB . Where you able to find the original dimensions of the monument, or you estimated them?

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Just one curve object. Beautiful!

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thanks so much @rajaa in fact i estimated them from my views :wink: it’s just tutorial for others >>

thanks so much @AlanMattano

Thanks a lot @tay.alrawi great :slight_smile:

Great work.
You know there is a museum underneath the monument and lake around it and it would really be neat if you can get the details of the drawings and model it. Such an iconic design.

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@rajaa yep i know that it’s in my country and i can do that well >> thanks for your words its really support me >> :slight_smile:

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