First Rhino/Grasshopper Complete Project!

I wanted to share, one of those not soo good first projects, I did with grasshopper. I messed up the rendering by making the output, size a fraction, of the size of the area, I wanted to cover.
I got a lot of help, on this forum, with my problematic script.

I hope it does not look too bad. :grimacing:

It was meant to be Digitalization Centre on my university’s (K.N.U.S.T) Campus.


too many elements in the image. your project is a tiny group of pixels far away. it doesn’t show anything about it.

Interesting point.
I will upload a different view

I agree with Diego! Although the rendering is overall quite nice, I first thought that you were showcasing some kind of landscape architecture, a parc, before noticing the building in the background.

Your foreground could be out of focus and blurry, instead of the building in the background.
The two trees that you placed right in front, also hide it even further.

Other than that, nice job and congrats on your first project!

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