Basic operation - Match tree structure among two lists

Hello everybody, hope some experienced user can help me out (only recently started with this awesome tool).

I have two lists of the same size (390 items) but different structures. I would like the second one to match the trees structure of the first one. If necessary and to simplify the operation the second one can be flattened as the items are already in the good order. I tried a coupe of things without success.

Target data tree structure :
Beware that some branches has 3 items.

Starting Data Tree which I would like to change :

Is there any component which can made such operation?
Thank you.


Try the Clone Structure or Unflatten Tree component.


Hi @grasping_GR

You can use “partition list”.

+1 for Unflatten Tree, as you have the same amount of elements in each tree

Thank you everybody for your replies - for the purpose unflatten tree is effectively the best option.
I shall download also the threesloth assembly and test the clone structure component.
Thank you!