Map grid corner points on cylinder

Hey guys.
I´m trying to map a grid on a cylinder. I only need the points at the grid corner and I want them to be ordered according to their z value (meaning first list containing all the points with z=0 ordered clockwise). Then I need planes aligned with the surface (meaning the tangent at the planes origin)
I´ve been struggeling so far :frowning: I wasnt able to map the triangular grid properly on the cylinderI so I tried mapping curves on the cylinder.
Probably there is a much much simpler and better way??!
I´d be thankful for some advice

Grid on (14.4 KB)

It looks like Map Srf worked as expected? And the only problem is the planes?

First, you can eliminate the duplicate points (or not). Then use Srf CP and EvalSrf to get the surface frames. (15.4 KB)

P.S. You can get “them to be ordered according to their z value” like this: (20.0 KB)

P.P.S. Or better yet, like this, which organizes the surface fragments by Z first. (20.0 KB)

Check this as well.

Planes On (10.2 KB)

Thank you Joseph!!!
Yes, Srf cp and eval srf aligend the planes perfectly!

Thank you Kim!! It works perfectly!!

Please don’t miss the P.P.S. in my post, it’s the best way of the three methods.

Yes, I´m working on it =) It takes me some time to understand what you did, as I´m a newbie to GH.

Grab this ‘Tree/List Viewer’ tool and connect it first to Isotrim, then to Partition and finally to Flip Matrix (one at a time). Use only version ‘c’. That should make it clear?

Yes, the param viewer made it understandable! Thank you once more for you prompt and detailed help!