Map curves to mesh (all faces of the mesh as one face)

Hi guys,
I’m trying to map curves to a mesh in a way that the curves will show one time on all of the mesh (not on each face repetitively). Just like map to surface works. The thing is that my mesh is too complicated so I can’t change it to a surface and also changing it to a surface will cause problems in the future. I’ve been trying the map curves to mesh of mesh + but it only maps the curves on each face of the mesh.
Hope someone can help me!

Are you trying to map the curves from another mesh?
If yes, does the first mesh have the same topology as the one you wish to map to and are the curves touching on the mesh?

Have you tried the MeshMap component in the Kangaroo menu?

It usually works nicely for what you seem to be pursuing, provided you extract the necessary point information from said curves to then map them:

My bad - 'read the post too fast without realizing you weren’t asking for a grasshopper solution!

Hi Lilach -

It sounds like you should be able to just use Project to achieve this. If not, you’ll have to upload a 3dm file and a clear description of the problem.

map to mesh.3dm (855.0 KB) (8.3 KB)

I tried it. It seems like it should work. But Idk why it’s not working for me. Please look at it. I added my files. Thanks!!!

Interesting problem!

Your mesh might require some tweaks (trimming it to where it matters, removing the base of the mold, unless you truly need the whole mesh).

Once trimmed, you could apply something like what @DanielPiker has done here:

Playing with that script gives adequate insight!

I have used that approach in the past when [another modeler had questions related to shoe geometry (find that post here).

Here’s another (similar-but-different) topic.

Back to this:
“Your mesh might require some tweaks”

I was referring to simple ones - If you’re allowed to explore, here’s a quick video you could reference:

Then take it from there with what you were attempting already!

Another simple option would be to make a cylinder around your mesh, draw the curve to be mapped on a rectangular surface, then use FlowAlongSrf to take the curve to the cylinder, and from there use Pull to get it onto the mesh

Do it with history on and you can then edit your flat curve and have it update on the mesh.

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@DanielPiker that’s even more interesting (and less hassle) - I didn’t dare to suggest using FlowAlongSrf plus pulling to geometry - my assumption was something like that would have been less effective accuracy-wise as opposed to mapping mesh to mesh?

I guess it ultimately boils down to what @lilachporges is pursuing and what her needs are regarding accuracy of results?

Intrigued now :slight_smile:

Thank you!!! It worked!