Manual fillet problem!

Hi friends,
I made the following simple cubes in Alias. It’s not complete yet. I used Alias to fillet some of edges. Then for testing purposes, I exported it as STEP file and imported it in Rhino 6. I removed the fillet in the following corner and tried to build it in Rhino and of course with G2 continuity. I used NetworkSrf command and by adjusting tolerances and setting all 4 sides into G2 radio button, I created the manual fillet but reflection shows sharp discontinuity. Why?

Step version.stp (139.7 KB)

You should adjust the Edge Tolerance settings of the network srf command to match the tolerance of your file, otherwise it will not join. Another possibility is to use Match Srf.

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You mean that if I made this cube in Rhino from the scratch (not importing from Alias) I’d get better result in that area?

Upload your .3dm file with the NetworkSrf surface.

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Here you go:
Rhino6.3dm (317.3 KB)
Rhino5.3dm (313.9 KB)

Did you get the file?

Don’t use Curve Netwerk, it’s absolutely worthless. You’ll need to shrink all blend surfaces before building the corner blend. This is sort of thing I wouldn’t even try without VSR. Even with VSR you’ll need to retrim the top surface, with the edge (dup edge curve) of the corner blend. Lots of matching with match and preserve surface direction.

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There is no VSR for new version of Rhino. Its development has been stopped for Rhino. Do you want to use Rhino 5 forever?

I don’t see any reason to stop.

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Is there VSR for Rhino 6?

Why is that necesary? And why is that corner so problematic?

It’s usually not a good idea to mix, let’s say, NX and Alias or Rhino and Alias. If you need to use Rhino, it is better to do it all in Rhino and get used to the tools and controls available there. If you are not a hobbyist or student, and run a studio, you could complement your NURBS modeller of choice with Creo or SolidWorks to do even complex filleting there (these superb filleting tricks are an eye opener and great time saver) - and charge a higher hourly rate ; )

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So, the discontinuity problem is generated by the fact of mixing softwares? Although they are both NURBS…

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Well, different tolerances, etc. usually don’t mix well. I would rather not get a model from NX and then continue in Rhino and then hand back to the NX user.

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Well, in this case, at least, things are strightforward enough that it is not hard to make that surface in Rhino too…