Turn complicated mesh to nurb without crashing


I am aware that there is a command to turn meshes into nurbs but the mesh I have is to complicated aka too many polygons to turn into a nurbs surface without crashing my computer.

Is there an app in food4rhino that can help with this?

there are tons of topics about this in the forum. Some apps to try could be Mesh2surface ,clayoo, etc but it mainly relies on the complexity of the file. in some cases is quicker to just remodel the object with nurbs.
Also you can use some tools in the V7 WIP such as quadmesher and sub-d

How smooth is the mesh? How accurately does the NURBS surface need to match every mesh vertex?

I create NURBS surfaces from meshes of boat hulls using Patch. I’ve described the process in previous posts.

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Thanks for the reply I’ll look into those apps

Hi, the nurbs doesn’t need to be very accurate, I am importing some furniture for an architecture render, the problem I am having is with the bed sheets, I need to distort the geomerty somewhat using the cage edit, so first I need to turn the mesh into nurbs.

the object has many pleats and folds as you may imagine thats why the mesh is heavy

You can use CageEdit on meshes, and that sounds like the best thing to do here. Trivia: Rhino was the first product to let you do a “cage edit” on NURBS polysurfaces, but I would certainly not try to do that for something like this case.

So dumb I didn’t know cageedit worked with meshes haha,

just to be clear the reason why I was thinking on using cage edit is because I need to scale this mesh in the z axis without affecting the xy dimensions (or the least possible in any case), you could say i want to squish it.

don’t know if there is a better way of achieving this?

Scale1D, Scale2D or ScaleNU

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