Manipulating a curve's points and redrawing the curve

hey, here i am again with a basic question (i am still learning).
i have a flat curve and i want to change its control points z and than i want to redraw the same curve just that now it wouldn’t be flat.
few clarifications:

  1. im trying to make a 3d surface that on its edge (the closed curve) will have a fixed slope (or at least controllable)
  2. eventually i will want also to make a surface from the closed 3d curve - any help in this direction will be very welcome.
  3. i got the feeling that my attached gh is not really the proper way to get where i am aiming to.

thanks for the time3d (18.0 KB)
flat to 3d crv.3dm (151.0 KB)

If you’d like to manipulate control points, then try this out.
For the second of surface, you could use Patch for instance…
And your initial curve has too many control points, so I’ve reduced it for the demonstration purpose.

3d (13.6 KB)

thank you very much. This is very helpful.

I am still trying to figure how do i control each point height but i think i will manage.

Thanks again