Using control points on a curve on a surface


I have a technical question and I hope I can explain it properly… Is it possible to turn the control points on a curve on a single but complex surface surface and manipulate those control points and have the curve stick to the surface (for the lack of a better term)? Does Rhino7 have that option?

thanks in advance

Not as you described it no.

One thing you could do is use a History enabled Projected curve.

Draw a curve up in space above your surface.

  1. Turn on History recording and Project the flat curve down onto the surface in the Top viewport.
  2. Now turn on control points for the original curve and move the points around.

The history enabled curve that was projected onto the surface, will update.

Maybe not exactly what you’re after but perhaps close.

Apart from that, you can turn the surface points on, select the row or column that you are interested in, invert the selection and use HidePt to hide all other points. You then have your single “curve” of control points that you want to edit.

CurveOnSurface plug-in, available free at Food4Rhino, provides the desired functionality for curves created using the plug-in on single surface but not on a polysurface.

I saw this in my search on this… I will have to try it out… I hope it works the way I am looking for it to… thanks for the response! I appreciate it!