Beam connection with booleans


So for a school assignment I made a beam structure where I am trying to make a connection with the use of a Boolean (Solid difference node). The beams are made, after that I make boxes that can act as voids and make them cut the beams. However for some reason it doesn’t work. I tried flattening the Boolean input but still I get some strange results. The goal that I am trying to achieve is illustrated in the image below.
If you have any solutions please let me know.



Main assignment script (28.6 KB)
Test file 26-03-2023.3dm (65.8 KB)

Thank you, I didn’t find these topics. Thanks for pointing them out! I will look into it

Oke so I tried making the boolean bigger than the form that it has to cut and it works for one of the directions. For the other direction Grasshopper seems to merge the boolean and the beam form together into one form. I cannot find the solution. Has anyone struggled with this?

Main assignment script (21.9 KB)