Making Voronoi Pattern but issues with joins curves

Hi guys, Im new to gh, and Im pretty lost with why my script went wrong.I followed a youtube video but the issues appear in the half way.I double checked with it few times, and don’t know what i did wrong.
20210702 GH (17.7 KB)

this was the video i was trying to learn. # 054 : Voronoi Pattern LampShade | Rhino Grasshopper Tutorial : 라이노 그래스호퍼 튜토리얼 - YouTube

thank you for your time

Check purple group…

062421_Orient (60.8 KB)

I didn’t watch the video. I examined previews step by step until I saw all the Voronoi³ points get flattened by the Graph Mapper, so I bypassed it by connecting PopGeo directly to Voronoi³:

Then I noticed that the ReMap feeding Graph Mapper needed to have its ‘S’ (Source) input defined by connecting it to Bnd (Bounds) and its output remapped to ‘Z’. (22.7 KB)

Now you can play with Graph Mapper to change the effect, getting the larger holes at the bottom: (22.7 KB)

thank you kim!

thank you Joseph!!!. love you explanation