Making depressions in a solid face

Hello all,

I am new to the whole 3D thing but am learning fast. I need some help however. I am trying to create a truncated cone shaped depression in a solid face. I can draw the cone shape but it is a solid whereas I need the shape as a depression. Any ideas please?

Many thanks,


Boolean Difference is your friend! Model both the solid block and your truncated cone, then place the cone where you want the void to be. Activate _Boolean Difference, select your solid block, hit enter, then select your cone, and enter again. VoilĂ  !

Make sure the polysurfaces intersect enough. Sometime, even if two of the edges are exactly co-planar, they still have issues, especially with more complicated shapes. I usually exaggerate their intersections so Rhino can perform the Boolean Operation successfully.

Two methods:

  1. Trim the surface with the cone. Trim the cone with the surface. Join the trimmed surface and cone.

  2. Use BooleanDifference or Boolean2Objects These commands essentially combine Trim and Join operations

Easy when you know how! Many thanks guys.