Boolean question

I’m trying to create a mold for a fishing lure. I can’t get the lure to booleen difference the mold block and make a pocket out of the lure. It states that the intersection curves end at a naked edge so won’t cut. all done with Rhino 6lure without booleen.3dm (115.4 KB)

Hello - the top face of the shape is not quite planar - try this:

  • Delete the planar surface at the top of the teardrop shape.
  • Explode the shape
  • Turn on control points for the two large surfaces.\
  • Select the top edge rows of control points only.
  • Start SetPt and set Z only.
  • Snap to a location on the top edge of the box to force all the points to have the same Z.
  • Join and Cap the surfaces of the teardrop shape.
  • BoolenDifference.


lure mold half (fixed).3dm (169.8 KB)

Attached is the “fixed” fishing lure. The flat surface of the lure half was not parallel to the mold half surface. I simply added an extension to the lure and used difference to create the correct cavity. David Lomshek

Thanks so much for the help. So much to learn with this program and really enjoying all the features and I have only just begun to learn this.

Thanks again, just followed your tutorial and it worked great. I also removed the construction lines, maybe eliminating excess input?