Truncated cone in cylinder



I am trying to create an object. I want a truncated cone inside a cylinder; I’ve attached an image of what i’ve created, i placed the cone inside the cylinder.
How do i export the cone in order to create kind of a “cup” like object?

Thank you !!!

Grace Lee

(John Brock) #2

So you want something that looks like a glass?
Use BooleanDifference to subtract the truncated cone from the cylinder.

Here’s a link to the Learn page.
In the top row, there’s a beginning tutorial for modeling a simple glass not dissimilar to this.

(Pascal Golay) #3

Hi Grace - you might think about making this shape as a polyline profile of half the shape - that is, up to the centerline - and using Revolve to make the object from the polyline.’



Hi ,

Yes I’m very new to Rhino…
I tried the Boolean Difference and I was unable to subtract the cone out. The entire thing became one mesh…

(David Cockey) #5

Can you post your file of the cylinder and truncated cone? Use the vertical arrow on the bar above where you type your post.

(Nathan 'jesterKing' Letwory) #6

For the boolean difference to work you should make your cone a bit longer so that it sticks out of the top of your cylinder. Then try again.


(Vanessa Steeg) #7

Hi Domenico,

Make sure you’re not using MeshBooleanDifference. This command takes NURBS objects as input but the result will be a mesh. You need to use BooleanDifference. If it doesn’t work, then I’d do as Nathan suggests: extrude the cone a bit so that it protudes from the cylinder.