Making creases like this:

Hi everyone.

I’m brand new to rhino and have some experience with mesh modeling in C4D/Blender. I am wondering if anyone can suggest methods for making “creases” or idents as shown below - using nurbs modeling methods. I would like to use some pretty organic curves like the curly-q below.


Hi. Yes it is possible. _CageEdit command. Next select a curve as a controlling object, select “local” and adjust the parameters. That’s it.


Hi Andrew,

Could you elaborate on that? I haven’t yet been able to get your smooth surface with cage edit.


try InsertKink

create curves- turn on record history- loft curves- InsertKink- turn on points- start the fun

Hi Jeremy,

I pre-rebuild the surface by adding point counts. In the CageEdit settings - PreserveStructure = No. That’s all.

Good luck