Making changes on a Gem

Would you please help me with the correct answer? Thanks in advance:

To make changes on a Gem that was created, which tool is the proper one:

  1. Gem Positioner

  2. Gem> F6> MSR

  3. Gem Updater

  4. None of the above

This seems not to be a native Rhino question - what plugin(s) are you using?

Hello Hevetosaur; I’m using Matrix for the time being!

I don’t think there is a Matrix sub forum here, but maybe someone here uses it… I’m sure they have their own forum as well…

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Hi Shane,

Are you just interested in acing the test, or do you want to learn how to design things? Opening the software, or even the help files associated with it, will get you a long way toward answering the questions and help with the latter goal. Getting people to give you the answers won’t…


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Hello; I’m trying to learn and tried the commands to solve the matter, therefore no chance with it yet, Thanks in advance!

I’d start by going back to your tutor and asking them to define what they mean by ‘changes’. Their answer will have a big impact on your subsequent one.

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I think by changing it, points out changing the dimensions of Gem specifically, you know I’m getting ready for the Test of Vocational School of Design and found it in previous exam questions on the internet!