Gem and Mesh Problem

Hello all my friends,
I found my gems are changed to mesh after saving and reopening this project.
How can i solve it?
Somebody advise me.

Hi Nagar - what were they before? Where are they from, did you make them or are they from a plug-in or?


Hi pascal,
Thank Pascal. I only use original command pave automatic.
no used any plugin.

“Pave automatic” is not a part of Rhino, so you must have a plug-in running somewhere to have this command…


Oh !
Sorry Helvetosaur, I See. I also use Rhinogold Plugin. :blush:
Thanks Sir,
Advise me.

How should I do?

I mention @rafaeldelmolino here as I believe he could be of help concerning RhionGold


Please contact to my colleagues at They will help you! :smile:
Rafael del Molino
TDM Solutions SLU

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